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General Rules & Information


1. UNIFORM: - Candidates shall have to get two sets of prescribed uniform stitched from market for respective Sector within 10 days from the date of admission and shall wear the same daily. The colour code prescribed for the each course/sector may be confirmed from the respective Course Manager prior to stitching of the Uniform. The Uniform consists of Trouser, White Shirt, Coat, Tie, Lab coat ( for Housekeeping, Beauty & Wellness), Black Shoes and White Socks to wear compulsorily during training. Candidates are required to adhere to Industry prescribed grooming standards

2. HOLIDAYS/LEAVE ADMISSIBLE TO CANDIDATES:- Candidates are allowed the same holidays as fixed by Assam Government for its staff. There will be no summer or winter holidays.

2.1 Casual Leave:- In addition to usual holidays, candidates are admissible to avail casual leave @ 8 days per year, 5 days at any one time subject to the sanctioning of leave by competent authority. Casual leave can’t be combined with another kind of leaves.

2.2 Medical Leave:- Medical Leave up to 15 days subject to production of Medical Certificate from a Medical Officer may be granted. Leave for a further period of not exceeding 3 weeks may be granted as special leaves. This leave can be granted only once in the training period on recommendations of medical officer acceptable to competent authority.

2.3 Unauthorized Absence:- For unauthorized absence up to 5 consecutive days at a time, Candidate will be issued a written warning for first offence.


  1. Candidates are liable for discharge on account of unsatisfactory progress in training.
  2. For acts of indiscipline, ragging activity and misconduct.
  3. If attendance percentage falls below 60%.
  4. The pending investigation of allegations against him/her


The minimum compulsory attendance in each subject for candidates in regard to their eligibility for Final Sector Examination is 80% of the actual number of working days