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Brief Overview on National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme(NAPS)

National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS) is a part of Apprenticeship Act 1961 which is envisaged for training of both designated and optional trades. GoI has been putting much impetus on this scheme to ensure for a better and qualified pool of trade specific workforce. Apprenticeship training is a course of training in any industry or establishment. Apprenticeship training consists of basic training and on-the-job-training (OJT)/practical training at workplace.

Key Features

Incentives for establishments are as follows:

  • NAPS has got dual model of training where initially basic course (theory) is provided by Basic Training Provider (BTP) and OJT on work floor within establishment premises.
  • Sharing of stipend with employers to a maximum limit of Rs. 1500 per month per apprentice
  • Sharing of Basic Training Cost with Basic Training Providers (BTP) to a maximum limit of Rs. 7500 for 500 hours/ 3 months per apprentice.

Qualifying Criteria for Establishments

Establishments/employers need to be qualified to be a part of this scheme which are as follows:

  • Employer validation through TIN/TAN and EPFO/ESIC/LIN/ any other identifier decided by Govt.
  • Bank Account which is validated (preferred with Aadhar Link)
  • Also, as per the mandate from GoI, apprenticeship act is applicable on establishments as per The employee strength. The eligibility slab is given below-

    Employee Strength

    Eligibility for Apprenticeship


    Not Eligible





  • Establishments need to engage apprentices within a band of 2.5% to 10% of its total workforce.
  • Establishments operating in 4 states or more doesn’t fall under the administration of state. Same rule applies for PSU and other government establishments. Such establishments would be controlled directly by MSDE/GoI.

Eligibility Criteria for candidates

Category of Apprentice

Min Age

Max Age

Min Qualification

ITI Pass out



As per trade




As per trade

STTs Pass Out



As per trade




As per trade

BTP is an entity which has facilities for imparting basic training to apprentices

Engagement of Apprentices & Estabishments for NAPS

ASDM has been given the login credentials for NAPS dashboard (www.apprenticeshipindia.org) where both employers and apprentices (aspiring) would register themselves. This online portal would serve as a single platform where both industry and aspiring apprentices can look out for their needs. Based on the vacancies listed by industries on this dashboard, candidates can directly apply for the available apprenticeship. These establishments need to register their bank details on the dashboard and the stipend amount would be directly credited to them.

For more details please visit Apprenticeship website-(www.apprenticeshipindia.org)